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Meet Senior Executives From International Water Utilities:

  • CEOs
  • Managing Directors
  • Leakage Development Managers
  • Distribution Managers
  • Leakage Managers
  • Leakage Team Leaders
  • Network Leakage Managers
  • Network Managers
  • Regulation Managers
  • Leakage Engineers
  • Leakage Controllers
  • Operations Directors
  • Heads Of Research & Development
  • Leakage Strategy / Leakage Development Managers
  • Chief Engineers
  • Engineering Directors
  • Civil Engineers
  • Senior Manager Distribution Operations
  • Senior Water Engineers
  • Distribution Systems Managers
  • Directors, Water Distribution
  • Heads Of Water Supply
  • Pipeline Management
  • Maintenance
  • Chief Data Officer
  • Head of Data Factory

Plus Service & Solution Providers In The Following Areas:

  • Leak Detection Equipment
  • Leak Detection Contractors
  • Pipe Location Specialists
  • Pipe Material Providers
  • GIS
  • Network Modelling
  • Data Management
  • Meter Suppliers
  • Valve Suppliers
  • Pump Suppliers
  • Pressure Reduction Valves
  • Data loggers
  • Satellite technology for asset location and management
  • Thermal imaging/radar technologies
  • Pipe Inspection and condition assessment (External/internal)
  • Acoustic noise loggers
  • Flow meters (full bore/insertion)
  • Customer meters and meter readers
  • Excavation and trenchless technology
  • Pipe repair technologies (internal/external)


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Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor(Day 1 Chair), CEO

Portsmouth Water, UK



Bob Taylor has 38 years’ experience of the global water industry and is currently Chief Executive Officer of Portsmouth Water. Owned by Ancala Partners, Portsmouth Water has a 160 year plus history of providing water services on the south coast of the UK, today serving a population of around 800,000. The Company has a well established reputation as one of the consistently best performers in the sector and has recently embarked on the first major reservoir project to be built in the UK since privatization. Prior to this Bob was Operations Director – Drinking Water Services for South West Water, part of the FTSE listed Pennon Group. Bob joined South West Water in 2016 following Pennon’s acquisition of Bournemouth Water in 2015 where he held the positions of Managing Director and Director of Operations. Prior to this Bob was Business Development Director with Singaporean group Sembcorp, responsible for development of the municipal water and wastewater business within most countries outside Asia with a specific focus on the Middle East, South America and India.  

Bob holds a B.Sc. (hons) in Civil Engineering from the University of Wales, Swansea, an Public Health Engineering from Imperial College, London and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of West London. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer and a fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers. He is also a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management, and National President of the Institute of Water. He is married with two children.

Richard Price

Richard PriceChief Operating Officer

Bristol Water, UK



Richard leads Operations at Bristol Water, a Chartered Civil Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers and Institute of Water. He has over 25 years of experience of Engineering, Construction and Operations across both Water and Wastewater treatment and infrastructure. In addition, he was National Chairman of the Pipeline Industries Guild and a Chief Flying Instructor in the Royal Air Force Reserve, flying over 4500 sorties on conventional and powered gliders.

Jim Barker

Jim BarkerHead of Water Resources, Leakage and Smart Networks

Portsmouth Water, UK


Jim is the Head of Water Resources, Leakage and Smart Networks for Portsmouth Water. He leads the delivery of strategic water planning for the business, with the chief challenge of securing sustainable supplies of water for Portsmouth Waters Customers, and for the SE Region, for the next 80 years. As part of this role he is leading on driving efficiency into the distribution network through the use of emerging technologies.                         

Prior to joining the Water Industry Jim had a 23 year career at the Environment Agency, beginning with the front line regulation of both the water and waste sectors before moving into strategic water planning at a Regional and National scale.

Chris Rees

Chris ReesHead of Water Engineering

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, UK


Chris joined Dwr Cymru Welsh Water in January 2018 and is currently Head of Water Engineering, specialising in the areas of leakage, demand management and asset strategy. He has 15 years’ experience in the water industry – as a contractor, consultant and now within a water company. He has led on the delivery of programmes of work across both potable and waste water networks with most of the UK’s water companies.

Paul Baxter

Paul BaxterHead of Networks

Severn Trent Water, UK


Paul is Head Water Networks at Severn Trent, accountable for all aspects of the distribution network portfolio: finding leaks, the customer interface and all maintenance and operation of the network.  He has held many senior roles in Severn Trent Water over the last 30 years including operational, commercial and strategy positions.  He has also previously managed Severn Trent’s renewable energy business Severn Trent Green Power.

Peter Simpson

Peter SimpsonChief Executive

Anglian Water Group, UK



Peter has been Chief Executive of Anglian Water Group since October 2013; his previous roles include Managing Director of Anglian Water from January 2010 and Chief Operating Officer from 2004. After completing an MSc in Analytical Chemistry at the University of East Anglia, Peter joined Anglian Water as one of its first graduate management trainees. Since then he has remained with the company, with spells working in America, Europe and Asia.

As a founding member, and now co-chair, of the UK Corporate Leaders Group, he has championed business action on climate change over many years. He is also an active supporter of Business in the Community (BiTC), which focuses on the positive difference business can make to communities. He currently Chairs BiTC’s East of England Leadership Team and is a Trustee of the international water charity WaterAid. He is a Past President of the Institute of Water and a former Chair of Water UK.

Peter holds an MBA from Warwick Business School and is a Chartered Water and Environmental Manager, a Chartered Scientist and a Chartered Environmentalist.  He is an Honorary Fellow of the Society of the Environment and an Honorary Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management. 

Andrew Donnelly

Andrew DonnellyAdvisor to the Board

EPAL, SA, Portugal


Since 2005, Andrew Donnelly has been Advisor to the Board of EPAL, the largest water utility in Portugal, serving Lisbon and the central region of the country. He is currently head of the Leakage Management Department, encompassing water loss control activities, inflow & infiltrations area as well as network diagnostics and modelling. His work has contributed to Lisbon becoming a European success case for leakage control. Various external consultancy projects have been undertaken with Portuguese utilities, as well as the European Investment Bank, European Commission and World Bank. Prior to this, an academic background at Stirling University preceded a move into water loss control in Portugal and Scotland.

James Hargrave

James HargraveRegional Leakage Operations Manager

Anglian Water, UK


James manages Leakage Operations across Anglian Water and Hartlepool Water. He heads up a team of 275 people assigned to different work streams across three regional areas, delivering Active Leakage Control, Advanced Detection, SMART leakage monitoring, Customer Side Leakage and new technology development and implementation. A senior leader within the award-winning Integrated Maintenance and Repair alliance, James influences both strategic and tactical direction in Anglian Waters challenging leakage reduction journey. Having started in the water industry in 1991, James’ career has taken him through regulation, scientific, innovation and front-line network management developing a broad range of expertise and knowledge. As a LEAN 6 Sigma practitioner, James specialises in operational performance and efficiency, optimised process development, technology adoption and business-as-usual integration.

Wim Jacobs

Wim JacobsInnovation Manager

Farys Water Utility, Ghent, Belgium


Wim started his career in electrical engineering in the automation department of Farys. In 2004 he became responsible for the production facilities and for the 660 km long water transport network. He initiated and supervised an investment program to increase the redundancy and security of the water supply. The transport network was strengthened in order to maximize the possibilities to exchange water between the production centres, and new production centres were added to the system. In 2020 he became Innovation Manager. His current role is to assess new technology for its value to the business, to set up pilot projects and to integrate innovation into the company strategy.

Irmana Garcia Sampedro

Irmana Garcia SampedroProject Manager - Water

Christchurch City Council, New Zealand


Irmana is a Spanish Civil Engineer who moved to New Zealand in 2012 to help in the underground infrastructure Christchurch rebuild. She worked for three years as a member of the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT), after the 2011 Canterbury earthquake sequence. After this role at SCIRT she decided to focus her career on Asset Management. She is a Chartered Professional Engineer in the field of Water Asset Management and is currently working as Project Manager in the Christchurch City Council Water Supply Delivery Team. She will be sharing with us learnings from two key projects: the Rawhiti smart water network and developing an asset assessment intervention framework

Fionn Boyle

Fionn BoyleStrategic Innovation and Shop Window Lead

Anglian Water, UK



Fionn has worked for Anglian Water for 8 years. He joined on secondment from Barhale where he had worked since graduating from University following many summer work placements since first entering the water industry with Barhale at 15 through work experience. He has a BSc in Biological and Forensic Sciences and an MSc in Water and Wastewater Engineering from Cranfield University.

Fionn has held positions in innovation and operations across his time at Anglian Water before taking the role as Anglian Water’s Shop Window Manager and subsequently becoming Senior Programme Manager for Safe Smart Systems, an Ofwat Innovation Fund winner. 

Fionn has led the Shop Window from a small test bed into becoming the industry’s first enterprise incubator. With this placed-based innovation approach Anglian Water explores and implements the world’s future water company today, with successes rapidly scaled across the region.

In addition to his substantive role in Anglian, Fionn also holds a Director position on Anglian Water’s Future Leaders Board, he is the governing member for the International Water Association’s UK Committee, and is an active supporter of the  eastern area and YPN committees for the Institute of Water

Christopher Bown

Christopher BownTraining Assessor – Leakage

Severn Trent Water, UK


Chris Bown is a Trainer/Assessor working within the newly built Academy at Severn Trent. He has 18 years’ experience working in leakage detection, starting his own journey as a technician. He has had the pleasure of working with and managing many fantastic teams, along with supporting many new projects integrated into the business. Chris has himself worked on many projects, with the last being the implementation of Severn Trent’s new Leakage Operating Model. He also believes that a company’s finest asset is its people, and he wants to help shape future generations. Chris has a passion for developing people and has recently taken on a new role to teach leakage apprentices within the organisation. Chris says that “we have done really well in the past, passing knowledge from peer to peer, but now is the time to do more and think bigger - apprentices hold the key to developing new ideas and news ways of thinking and working”.

Mikal Willmott

Mikal WillmottLeakage Assurance Analyst

Severn Trent Water, UK


Mikal Willmott (MCIWEM C.WEM) is a Chartered Water and Environmental Manager, who has worked more than 18 years at Severn Trent having joined their graduate program straight from university. Mikal has specialised in water loss management, understanding water demand and flow monitoring. Over the past decade Mikal has worked on various projects aimed at improving Severn Trent’s household and non-household consumption monitors.  Mikal has been the catalyst for several metering related research projects and has presented at several national and international conferences.  Mikal strongly believes the greatest asset a water company has are their people and only as they reach their full potential, can companies reach their full potential.  Based on this belief Mikal has run and hosted various internal and industry wide workshops, mentored work colleges and in 2020 instigated a “Gold Standard” Leakage project into Severn Trent.         

Margaret Read

Margaret ReadDirector of Stakeholders and Programme – RAPID

Ofwat, UK



Margaret is a career civil servant experienced in serving Ministers to develop policy from concept to legislation and delivery.  She currently leads the RAPID (Regulators’ Alliance for the Progression of Infrastructure Development) programme as Director of Stakeholders and Programme since July 2020 on secondment from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).  Previously Margaret was head of floods infrastructure and funding policy and before that head of water supply policy at Defra where she led teams responsible for policy on abstraction licensing, water resource planning, demand and leakage management and developing the National Policy Statement for water supply infrastructure.

Antony Green

Antony GreenHydrogen Director

National Grid, UK



As Hydrogen Director, Tony has responsibility for leading the thinking for gas transmission to play its role in the pathway to net zero through decarbonising the network either through hydrogen blends or even a full transition to hydrogen.

Prior to this role Tony was Head of Engineering & Asset Management for Gas Transmission. A Civil Engineer by degree Tony has worked in the utilities and infrastructure sectors for over 30 years. He began his career at Severn Trent before moving to Advantica and then DNV GL in a variety of business and sector leadership roles providing a broad range of advisory services and asset management solutions.

He is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of both CIWEM and IGEM. As immediate past President of IGEM he is a member of the Executive Board, & Council and is also board member of GERG & Marcogaz.

Jeremy Heath

Jeremy HeathInnovation Manager

SES Water, UK


With over 25 years’ experience in the Water Industry, and a background in both mechanical engineering and database applications, Jeremy is responsible for the management of innovation within SES Water. He has a keen interest in innovations that will transform how we manage our water networks, in particular smart metering, smart networks, artificial intelligence and IoT communications. In addition to his role at SES Water, Jeremy is also the lead for the UKWIR national zero leakage project and is responsible for coordinating and driving the UK leakage research programme.

Kah Cheong Lai

Kah Cheong LaiChief Engineer

Public Utilities Board (PUB), Singapore

Engineer (Er.) Kah Cheong LAI is a Chief Engineer with the Water Supply Network (WSN) Department of PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency. He oversees a team responsible for the Planning, System Design and Development of the Water Supply Network Infrastructure to meet long term water demand as well as ensure reliable water supply for the whole of Singapore.  His team also takes care of asset data management and technology development, focusing on Smart Water Grid (SWG) initiatives which leverage on sensors, digitalisation processes and predictive analytics to make network management more efficient.

Prior to this, he was in charge of the operation & maintenance of the water supply network, which includes surveillance and protection of pipelines, leak detection, asset and water quality management.   

Dr Bojana Jankovic-Nisic

Dr Bojana Jankovic-NisicDirector of Operations UK


Water sector leader with 24 years of experience in consultancy, research, water company and software environment from asset management through programme definition and delivery focusing on innovation and technical excellence. Main technical experience is on all aspects of clean water supply and distribution, development of technical capabilities, thought leadership and digital innovation strategy. Passionate about how digital technology is changing our world, linking people, process, and technology to build strategies to innovative solutions.

Steve Baker

Steve BakerCountry Manager



A Chartered Civil Engineer with over 25 years’ experience working for water companies, consultants and contractors, Steve has delivered a wide range of infrastructure solutions to clients around the world. Steve started out as part of a water company asset optimisation team focused on improving infrastructure operation and efficiency.  Later he moved into engineering consultancy where, as water operations director, he led design teams and delivered water projects. Steve also spent several years on joint venture boards delivering a number of construction projects including Thames Tideway Central and Deephams WWTW, winner of the ICE’s Greatest Contribution to London award for 2019.

Derek Procter

Derek ProcterHead of Commercial 


Derek has over 20 years’ experience within the Energy & Utilities Sectors working with an array of prestigious clients such as Portsmouth Water, Yorkshire Water, Anglian Water, Bristol Water, National Grid and many others. His focus is on driving value through the application of transformative approaches to the sectors’ problem statements.

Pedro Pina

Pedro PinaSenior Director

Decision Intelligence Solutions, Xylem


Pedro Pina is Senior Director, Decision Intelligence Solutions at Xylem, providing strategic guidance and support to accelerate growth of digital optimisation and integrated Xylem solutions. With over 20 years’ experience working in the water infrastructure industry Pedro has accumulated experience in many projects which have provided him with the ability to promote and implement the best industry practices in key topics such as the management of aging infrastructure, the reduction of unprofitable water, wastewater management and energy efficiency.

Ahmed Negm

Ahmed NegmPhD Candidate, Engineering Department

Lancaster University, UK


Ahmed graduated with a MEng Mechatronics degree from Lancaster University. Experience with automation, water research and network modelling. I am keen to implement the findings of my PhD in the water sector with progressive water companies in order to minimise water loss and GHG emissions. I believe that my eagerness for growth and my acknowledgement of criticism will fund my desire to become a great engineer.



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