Meet Senior Executives From International Water Utilities:

  • CEOs
  • Managing Directors
  • Leakage Development Managers
  • Distribution Managers
  • Leakage Managers
  • Leakage Team Leaders
  • Network Leakage Managers
  • Network Managers
  • Regulation Managers
  • Leakage Engineers
  • Leakage Controllers
  • Operations Directors
  • Heads Of Research & Development
  • Leakage Strategy / Leakage Development Managers
  • Chief Engineers
  • Engineering Directors
  • Civil Engineers
  • Senior Manager Distribution Operations
  • Senior Water Engineers
  • Distribution Systems Managers
  • Directors, Water Distribution
  • Heads Of Water Supply
  • Pipeline Management
  • Maintenance

Plus Service & Solution Providers In The Following Areas:

  • Leak Detection Equipment
  • Leak Detection Contractors
  • Pipe Location Specialists
  • Pipe Material Providers
  • GIS
  • Network Modelling
  • Data Management
  • Meter Suppliers
  • Valve Suppliers
  • Pump Suppliers
  • Pressure Reduction Valves
  • Data loggers
  • Satellite technology for asset location and management
  • Thermal imaging/radar technologies
  • Pipe Inspection and condition assessment (External/internal)
  • Acoustic noise loggers
  • Flow meters (full bore/insertion)
  • Customer meters and meter readers
  • Excavation and trenchless technology
  • Pipe repair technologies (internal/external)



The 9th Global Leakage Summit is the world's premier global summit, designed to help water utilities develop faster and more efficient leakage management systems, that go beyond economic levels of leakage and reflect the true value of water and supply delivery targets.

As an international platform for leakage practitioners, and all those in the business of delivering improved efficiency for their particular water utility, the Global Leakage Summit draws in world-wide practitioners, from industry leaders such as; Suez Environnement, Paris ; Vienna Waterworks, Austria ; Thames Water, UK ; Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority, Cambodia ; Al Ain Distribution Company, UAE ; Oslo Water, Norway ; Scottish Water, UK ; Municipal Water, Poland ; Taiwan Water, Taiwan ; Pub Singapore, Singapore ; Anglian Water, UK and many others.

Directors, Heads, VPs and Managers of water solutions, network infrastructure, leakage, operations, engineering, business development, technology, and specialists in modelling and design, from Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Jordan, Bahrain, Burkina Faso, Chile, Portugal, Brazil, Israel, USA, Canada, Zambia, Slovenia, South Africa, Qatar, Malaysia, Japan, Norway, UAE, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Poland, Portugal, Finland among others, traveled into London from across the globe to take part in this prestigious summit.

It proved to be a high quality information-sharing summit for delegates, at both a technical and strategic level, and addressed how new concepts and technologies are being deployed for leak detection, pressure management and network optimisation, to cost-effectively address water stress and water scarcity challenges worldwide.


Global Leakage Summit 2016

27th - 28th September, 2016

Amba Hotel, London, UK

Global Leakage Summit 2015

12th - 13th March, 2015

Thistle Marble Arch, London, UK

Global Leakage Summit 2013


12th - 13th March, 2013
Thistle Marble Arch, London, UK


Global Leakage Summit 2011


28th - 29th June, 2011
Thistle Marble Arch, London, UK

Global Leakage Summit 2010


27th - 28th January 2010
Grand Connaught Rooms, London, UK

Global Leakage Summit 2007


25th - 26th January 2007
Hotel Russell, London, UK


  • We have held over 30 Summits in the Global Water space since 2010
  • These Water Summits have taken place globally, including; United Kingdom ; Pennsylvania, California, Oklahoma, Nevada, Texas, Florida and Colorado in the US,  Canada,  Argentina  and many others..
  • Our Global Water events have attracted over 6000 attendees
  • International industry professionals presenting at these Summits have included: Ofwat, Vienna Waterworks - Austria, Thames Water - UK, Scottish Water - UK, Suez Environnement - France, City of Toronto, Yarra Valley Water - Australia, Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority - Cambodia, Milanese SpA - Italy, and many more
  • Our sponsors and exhibitors have included: ABB, Seba KMT, Gutermann, Pure Technologies, IVL Flow Control, Schneider Electric, i2O Water, Grundfos, Syrinix, Innovyze, to name a few


The World's Leading Leakage Summit...

...Now In Its 9th Edition And Established As A Brand Leader - For Water Company Practitioners To Exchange Up To Date Practical Information And Best Practice Technologies For Assessing, Monitoring And Reducing Leakage In Their Networks


  • Cost Effectively Outsourcing Leakage Operations To Performance Based Contracts
  • Leakage And Customer Demand - Can Operators Work More Closely With Customers To Help Drive Down Leakage By Changing Customer Behaviour And Managing Demand?
  • Can Smart Metering Make A Difference To Finding Leaks On Customer Supply Pipes And Reducing Customer Use?
  • Options For Developing Low Cost Sensors To Cover The Whole Water Network
  • Fledgling Technologies For Finding And Fixing Leaks Faster - What Part Will Robotics And Drone Technologies Play?
  • Managing Upstream Losses - The Challenges Of Large Diameter Pipes
  • Asset Management - 'Age Is Not Important But Calm Networks Are'!


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